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Get Cash 4 Your Home is the most trusted name in the business, operating by the highest systems and standards in the industry.

We Visit Your House

We meet with you to understand your situation. You don’t have to spend a dime to fix up your house. You don’t even have to clean it up. We pay cash for your house, as is. It’s just that simple.

Receive a Cash Offer

We pay cash so there is no waiting for mortgage approvals. After a property analysis is completed, we can make a cash offer. This typically gives us the ability to close – and put cash in your hands – much more quickly.

We Pay Typical Closing Costs

When you sell your house to us, you’ll save even more money because we pay typical closing costs – less for you to worry about!

Move On

We typically close quickly, so you can move on with your life. Selling your house through traditional methods can take months or even years- if it sells at all. It takes a lot of effort and finances to make the repairs necessary to list a house, not to mention the time and headaches involved in closing. We buy all kinds of investment houses, and we can close quickly or allow as much time as you need.

Get Cash Offer

    Why So Many Are Selling For Cash

    Properties suffer from distress all the time. Structural issues, outdated, natural disaster and damaged. There isn’t a high demand for these properties when it comes to banks. They don’t want to deal with renovations. This is where GetCash4YourHome.com comes in. We help bridge this gap and provide our customers with an ALL CASH OPTION. No bank or real estate agent needed, and better yet…NONE OF THEIR FEES!