What you have to do to annihilate the negative energies in your home. Master Feng Shui teaches you!

Feng Shui is a 6,000-year-old science that deals with the layout of the space we live in from the energy point of view. Thus, in addition to the energies that change every 20 years and which only a specialist can calculate, there are also annual energies that can also influence our lives.
“The most affected area of ​​a home, city, country, continent will be the northern area, because there will come the energy of obstacles, misery, that energy meant to block our actions. At the same time, if we are sleeping in the northern area of ​​the house or have an entry in this cardinal direction, the more we can be influenced. The Feng Shui remedy for annihilation of obstacle energy is putting a water and salt bowl in the north of the house. This water will change every week. Also, the metal (metal objects) placed in this area will also repair the energy of the obstacles.
In the west of the house this year will attack the energy of the disease and to be annihilated, we also have to put a saltwater pot or metal objects on the west.
In the eastern area of ​​the house will come the energy of legal problems, problems with papers, and problems related to the oral cavity, eg problems with teething, recurrent herpes, we can be exposed to gossip, envy. To remedy this, we need to add wood elements to the eastern area of ​​the house. Traditionally, bamboos are used in water and in transparent glass, not in the ground and not in the pebbles. We have to put in the eastern zone 1, 3, 4 or 11 bambuşi, the power increasing according to their number. It also pointed out that bamboo, contrary to what is believed, are not lucky plants, but are used in Feng Shui just because they represent the wood element and are very easy to maintain.
In the Southwest, there is a negative energy that can bring cold breathing problems and problems in the head area, as well as legal issues. The remedies wood element and the element is water: wood or plant object put in the water (for example, 3, 4 or 11 bamboo transparent water vessel), objects black, blue, green, turquoise. They are placed in the southwestern area of ​​the house.”