Home Remedies for Common Problems

Summer is the season of insect bites and sunburn. To treat them, you can go to the classical treatments in the pharmacy, or try the natural cures you usually find in the kitchen. Here’s what they are!
Banana bark for stinging
You are the favorite of the nuns and do not go anywhere without an anti-inflammatory cream. To reduce the inflammation and relieve itching, the banana peel is wondrous. Wash the prickle with water and soap and gently massage it with the inside of a banana peel for five minutes. Do not delete the debris, but let them act in depth so the sting will disappear faster.
Vinegar softens sunburns
You did not even realize when you burned, but now it’s unbearable. For a faster cure, vinegar helps you because it contains acetic acid, a basic aspirin component with properties in reducing inflammation and relieving asthma. Embroider a towel with water and apple vinegar and apply it to the affected areas until it dries. Repeat this treatment until the redness is removed.
Aloe vera fixes makeup
High temperatures are a fire test for makeup resistance, which in most cases crashes. Applied before makeup, aloe vera gel reduces sebum production and allows makeup to remain intact for a long time. In addition, it has anti-microbial properties that help treat acne.